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Welcome to the hiring platform that’s is on a mission to connect no code. startup founders and talent who are skilled at using Low-code tools. Are you ready to hire more effectively and affordable? Post a job and start seeing applications within 24 hrs.

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3 Easy Steps to publish New Jobs

Step 1: Signup

Quickly create an account to gain access to a company profile and dashboard to manage your jobs.

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Step 2: Create your Job listing

After your account’s set up, add your job description by providing all the necessary contact information.

Step 3: Publish and promote

Publish Jobs for free and choose the promotional add-ons to drive more visibility and traffic to your job listing.

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Simple tools to help you hire smarter

Posting a job gives you access to benefits and access to a database of talent to help you hire effectively and affordably.

10,000+ Monthly Active Visitors

Candidates and traffic arrive at the site from broad and niche channels including search engines, private social media groups, and direct outreach.

Expand Your Job’s Reach

Expose your job to niche audiences and exclusive groups that our team has access to.

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Flexible Add-on and Exclusive options

Depending on the role, requirement necessity choose add-on and exclusive options to drive more or less traffic to your job post.

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